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2051-6 Low Back
  • AZEO provides adjustable and flexible active lumbar support which provides a varied intensity and will flex in response to the user's body movements and requirements

  • This provides exceptional long-term comfort and support, helping to alleviate back, neck and shoulder tension

  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment is standard on all models

Available Fabric Colors
SH12 Bullion
SH18 Carbon
** please call for availability **
2237-3 Low Back Multi-Tilt
Low Back Operator $209.00
Drafting Chair $199.00
Low Back Task $169.00
Low Back Task (armless)
  • GOAL is designed to give substantial upholstery and cushioning treatment to a product line consisting of task, operator, multi-tilter and tilter models

  • Select a task chair with height adjustable arms with self-skinned urethane armrests or go armless

  • For more function, consider the single lever operator control allowing adjustment of both seat and back angles

Available Fabric Colors
PB04 Stone
PB07 Rhapsody
PB08 Ocean
PB09 Asphalt
3144 Low Back Ergo-Tilter
  • Contoured cushions and adjustable lumbar support provide superior comfort to this stylish model

  • Standard with tilt tension control

  • Single position tilt lock

  • Adjustable height back and lumbar support

  • Height adjustable curved urethane arms are standard

Available Fabric Colors
PB04 Stone
PB07 Rhapsody
PB09 Asphalt
3217 High Back Multi-Tilter
3212 Low Back Multi-Tilter
  • GRANADA features a sculpted back with pronounced lumbar support

  • Standard height adjustable curved arms (3N) on all arm models may prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSIs)

  • Adjustable seat depth is standard on all multi-tilter models

Available Fabric Colors
IM06 Black
IM11 Grey
IM14 Navy Blue
IM52 Burgundy
2987 Med Back Multi-Tilter
  • Deep, soft contour foam cushions provide optimal comfort

  • Seat and back angle adjust independently and lock in any position on operator models

  • GUSTO is perfect for computer intensive tasks

  • Height adjustable curved urethane arms are standard (3N)

Available Fabric Colors
PB04 Stone
PB07 Rhapsody
PB09 Asphalt
** please call for availability **
3140-3 High Back Multi-Tilter
3141-3 Low Back Multi-Tilter
  • MALAGA features a multi-curved backrest

  • A deeply sculpted molded foam seat provides extra comfort and a waterfall seat edge helps to relieve pressure from the legs

  • Standard arms are height adjustable and include oversized, urethane, teardrop shaped armrests (TD)

Available Fabric Colors
JG01 Ruby
JG05 Cobalt
JG06 Storm
JG07 Black
2780-3 High Back Multi-Tilter
2781-3 Med Back Multi-Tilter
2786-4 High Back Heavy Duty Tilter
* NEW for 2006! *
  • MALLORCA is designed for users who desire an extra measure of comfort and support.

  • Features include contoured seats with waterfall edges and pronounced built-in-lumbar support for the lower back which promotes good posture

Available Fabric Colors
PB04 Stone
PB07 Rhapsody
PB09 Asphalt
4430 High Back Multi-Tilter
  • A uniquely shaped polycarbonate inner back support helps reduce back strain by guiding your back into a correct, healthy posture. The backrest continuously supports the natural lazy ‘S’ curve of your spine, flexing as you move in any direction

  • Flexible Back – conforms to the natural contours of the spine, providing horizontal and lateral support with multidirectional flexing

  • Lumbar Support – helps guide the spine into an anatomically correct position and provides added support for the lower back to ensure good posture

  • Contoured Seat – provides additional support, evenly distributing body weight and minimizing pressure under the thighs to promote proper blood circulationfs

Available Fabric Colors
SL32 Claret
SL20 Asphalt
1950-4 High Back Tilter
1951-4 Med Back Tilter
  • The latest engineering techniques with air-flow mesh technology

  • Contemporary design with rich synthetic, air-flow mesh fabric and black vinyl trim

  • TYE provides long lasting ergonomic comfort and support

  • Height adjustable, self-skinned urethane armrests, seat height and seat depth adjustment and an arched molded spider base with carpet casters are all standard on most models

Available Fabric Colors
Black Mesh

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